Want to learn from a 12 time National Pistol Champion?



If you weren't able to get into this previously sold out class, now is your chance! Nexus is proud to bring back Brian "Gunny" Zins as part of our Master Class series of instructional offerings.

Brian is a nationally renowned instructor and competitor. He is considered the greatest NRA precision pistol competitor of all time. He has been the NRA National Pistol Champion an amazing TWELVE times between 1996 and 2013 and held over 30 other NRA national records. His extensive history in the marines as a gunnery sergeant, an instructor in the marine firearms training program, and as a shooter on their competitive team has earned him the nickname Brian "Gunny" Zins. Brian also competed on the History Channel's Top Shot television series in both season two and season five All Stars.

As indicated by the class name (taken from the famous quote by Wyatt Earp, "Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything... in a gun fight, you need to take your time in a hurry.") this class will teach you the flawless application of pistol marksmanship and accuracy, and then take it to the next level and teach you how to do it at the appropriate speed.

Brian developed this shooting system modeled after the decades of training and experience accumulated on his way to winning his multiple national titles. Not only will he teach you his methods, but he will also provide his extensive training workbook covering his system so you can continue to hone your skills even after the class is finished. All experience levels are welcome. Beginner and first time shooters, learn from the best right from the start before you pick up any bad habits! With a maximum of only 8 students permitted into the class, you are guaranteed to receive highly personalized attention and training from Brian. A catered lunch or dinner and drinks are included with the one day classes Light refreshments are included with the two day class. Class price is $349 per student.


Only eight spots available each day!

Call quickly before they're gone!

- Dates:

1) ONE DAY CLASS: Monday 2/10 10am-4:30pm (classroom & range session)

2) ONE DAY CLASS: Tues 2/11 3:30pm-10pm (classroom & range session)

3) TWO DAY CLASS: Wed 2/12 & Thurs 2/13. This class is the same content as the one day class, but broken up into 2 days to accommodate members only available in the evenings.

Wed 2/12 7pm-9pm (first part: classroom session only)

Thurs 2/13 6pm-10pm (second part: range session)

- 300 rounds of ammunition required, (any caliber between .380acp to .45acp). Feel free to bring your own or purchase from Nexus at an additional cost. Must be full metal jacket. No hollow point or wad cutter ammo is permitted.

- Semiauto pistol are preferred but revolvers are permitted as well. Bring your own or rent from Nexus for $7. - 6 hour class (2 hours in classroom, 4 hours on the state of the art digital Nexus Lanes, plus 30 minutes lunch/dinner break for one day classes) - 8 students maximum, 6 students minimum required for class to happen*

* Please note that if the class is cancelled due to not meeting the enrollment minimum, guests will receive a full refund. Conversely, any registration for the class is non-cancellable and non-refundable once the minimum is met.

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