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B.A.M.F. Rifle Video Overview


Artistry, Attitude, Performance.

Although the acronym "B.A.M.F." stands for Billet Aluminum Modern Firearms, see why the secondary tongue-in-cheek meaning certainly applies as well in this short video!

Nexus is proud to carry these innovative firearms from Cobalt Kinetics. The obvious design elements, colors, and configurations really turn these rifles into works of art. The aggressive forends, muzzle brakes, and eye-catching stock certainly back up the "Attitude" portion of Cobalt's mantra. The gold trigger is an elegant detail.

But, beyond the cosmetic aspects, the engineering and innovation really shine as well. Cobalt's patented DUAL DROP system adds a never seen before level of function to a standard AR-15. By adding a "forward assist" on the left side of the receiver that also has the dual function as a bolt release, a shooter can drop an empty mag, load a new one, and send the bolt forward simply by utilizing their thumb (just as one would with a handgun). The advantage is that the rifle never changes position and the operator can maintain a constant line of sight with the target and never have to move either hand off the rifle.

The engineering and construction are superb with the upper and lower receivers precision machined from 7075 billet aluminum. The light crisp single stage gold trigger breaks cleanly and is a joy to use. The bolt carrier group is coated with nickel-boron, which is gaining popularity in the firearms industry due to its natural lubricity and ease of cleaning, resulting in increased reliability.

The crushed silver/blue rifle shown in this video is the BAMF Team Edge model which is the competition replica rifle used by their 3-gun team.

Come in and see these innovative and advanced firearms at Nexus, the World's Most Advanced Indoor Shooting Range!

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