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Yes, we're OPEN! Ammo sales limited.

The retail store is open for gun, accessory and ammo sales regular hours.*

The shooting range is open regular hours as well for both the paper target range and the electronic live fire Nexus Lane range, where you use a real gun and real ammo to shoot at interactive video targets.*

Our million dollar military grade HEPA ventilation system will help protect you from respiratory droplets. The air you breathe on the range is actually cleaner than the air outside. Private room rentals are available by reservation as well if you'd like to come in with by yourself or just with members of your household for the ultimate in social distancing. We are additionally disinfecting each lane after each guest to help protect you as well.

We do have ammo in stock in most major calibers, including the following popular ammo.

- 9mm FMJ ammo in 50 and 100 round boxes

- 9mm JHP ammo

- .45ACP in 50 round boxes

- 5.56 and .223 in 20 round boxes

- .300BLK in 20 round boxes

- 12 gauge 00 buckshot and slugs

- And more!

Due to the nationwide shortage, ammo sales are limited. Please see this post for more details.

We also have hundreds of 9mm handguns in stock as well as shotguns and AR-15’s available.

All of our team members are wearing face masks. For the protection of our team members and other guests, all guests are required to wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth. Please note that for security purposes we will ask you to remove your mask for a few seconds to identify yourself to our security cameras upon entry to the store and also for appropriate identification for gun releases.

We are limiting the number of guests allowed into the store and onto the range to help prevent the spread of the pandemic and have physical spaces outside spaced at 10 feet apart for guests waiting to enter the facility.

FFL transfers may be delayed by up to 7 days to process due to the heavy increase in traffic and backlog.

*Please note that due to overwhelming demand, the line for sales and also the shooting range may be cut off an hour or two prior to actual closing time.

We appreciate everyone's understanding, patience, and cooperation.

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