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Agency Arms Glocks now available at Nexus Shooting!

We're proud to be a new Agency Arms dealer. Come in and check out our extensive selection of Agency Arms guns, barrels, triggers, and accessories for your Glock today! Nexus is proud to be the newest Agency Arms Dealer. Come in and see these extreme objects of desire in person. We have an extensive selection of guns, barrels, triggers, and accessories now in stock! These custom Glocks are highly regarded with precision craftsmanship and innovative design and features. The aggressive slide cuts help to reduce weight and imrpove grip when racking the slide. All Agency Glocks come with an RMR plate to allow mounting of your favorite red dot sight. The stippling considerably assists in preventing any slippage in your hands and they even come with the extra back straps stippled. The stippling includes their unique patented "accelerator cut" up front to help reduce muzzle rise by providing for downward pressure on the pistol. The trigger guard is undercut to allow for higher grip, closer to the bore axis, again for improved muzzle control. The crisp triggers are a real joy to shoot and along with optional fluted match grade barrels (available in stainless, black DLC, or gold TiN finishes) help significantly tighten up your shot group.

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