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Updated ATF Opinion on Pistol Stabilizing Brace

BREAKING NEWS: ATF sends updated opinion on pistol stabilizing brace! If you've been following the saga regarding the use of a pistol stabilizing brace, initially it seemed to be ok to put on, you were not making a regulated short barrel rifle, and it possibly was ok to shoulder to use as a makeshift stock. Then, it was deemed that putting one on was a redesign if the firearm was shot from the shoulder and you were changing the status from pistol to short barrel rifle. This was a crime as you were making a regulated NFA item. In this latest open letter from the ATF to the manufacturer and designer of the brace, SB Tactical, it seems that there has been a reversal of this opinion so that firing from the shoulder has not resulted in a re-configuration of the firearm for the purposes of the NFA and the interpretation by SB Tactical and their lawyer is that the previous ruling is that everyone is ok to shoot their pistol stabilizing braces from the shoulder again. There are some important caveats that are in the letter regarding modifying the brace in a manner that may then cause it to be considered an illegal shoulder stock that everyone should read and be aware of. Here is a link to the open letter for you to read in its entirety...

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